Sterile State

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Welcome to the home of Sterile.

Sterile  n.  free from living germs, bacteria etc. lacking emotive force.

Sterile, in name and music, reflect and react against the environment that founding members spent their formative years.  Extremes of cold within a barren, symmetrical, mirrored city of glass, concrete and steel.  Like many bands exploding out of Canberra Australia, Sterile’s blistering, electro-hardcore sound allowed Sterile to vent their frustration and anger in the loudest possible voice.

Escaping the nations capital at the earliest possible opportunity, Sterile spent the best part of three years trialing band members, refining their sound and saving pennies to fund the acquisition of equipment and recording time.  Securing the talents of the third member gave Sterile their current three-piece lineup.  Having their sound and live performance ready, Sterile began frequent live forays into Sydney’s Industrial and Gothic strongholds such as Shrine and Nocturne as well as DJ sets at underground industrial clubs such as Ritual and Virus.  Their live performances received rave reviews as they delivered uncompromising shows in attire ranging from that of priests and altar boys to bio-contamination suits and nurses outfits.

1996 saw the release of their debut effort, “Warm Dark Noise”, an embryonic effort, recorded on a shoestring and released independently.  Although it lacked major distribution or support, it went on to receive regular airing on JJJ’s three hours of power landing the band supports with Strapping Young Lad, Atari Teenage Riot, Fear Factory, Pitchshifter and numerous local shows with the likes of Segression, Testeagles, Naiad, Discordia, Deathless and Alchemist.

The period between the two releases was put to productive use with songs and remixes released on compilations including ReLoad II, Downunderground II, Blatant Propaganda and further refinement of their songwriting and live performance.

1998 Sterile release their long awaited follow up mini album, “Cold Dark Noise”.  The recording is the culmination of ideas developed and delivered across a frustrating 14 month period in which the completion of the recording, mixing and mastering were only held back by financial constraints.  The 7-track release indicates Sterile’s growth as songwriters and performers, as demonstrated with the emotion, anger and isolation of “Cold”.  Cold Dark Noise is a diverse recording, ranging from the industrial noise terror of “Auslander”, to the fierce explosion of guitar, drums and screaming vocals of “Victim”.

Corrode the Machine.  Destroy the Bacteria.  Get some Sterile –  Dark.Noise.

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